Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy


There’s a good chance you’ve had the “sex talk” with your parents. Or not. Or learned about human reproduction in health class. Or maybe you’ve heard a lot about dating, sex, and relationships from friends, movies, and the internet. So you are all set, right? Maybe…. But there’s more information that you’ll need to know—and really want to know–inside this book. You’ll read about how to know if someone likes you, the differences between dating and hooking up, and penis size. 

Dating and Sex is an awesome, easy-to-read, funny, and insightful book that is chock-full of information and advice to help you get ready for the world of dating, relationships, and sex. This book can be your how-to-guide to become a responsible and mature relational and sexual being. And then, you’ll be ready for just about everything.  (more)

Dating and Sex will be published September 5, 2016 and is now available for pre-order from Amazon , Barnes & Noble, IndieBound,  and Magination Press.

Reviews & Interviews:

Striking a balance between guy-talk candidness and clinical directness, Smiler, a developmental psychologist and author, provides honest, in-depth information regarding sexual development for boys. While the book’s 11 chapters cover basics such as the changes of puberty, asking someone out on a date, and solo and partnered sex, more complicated psychological and emotional aspects of human sexuality and identity are also examined. A section on forming long-term relationships details reasons why a relationship might end (“You might realize that your partner has become [or has always been] disrespectful of you”). Issues of consent, gender roles, stereotypes, and the often-confusing and little-discussed emotions in boys’ early sexual experiences (“After being sexual, some guys feel sad or guilty”) add to a substantive, thorough treatment of the topic.” – Publisher’s Weekly


Advance Praise for Dating & Sex:

“Every boy will find himself in the pages of Andrew Smiler’s Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy.  It speaks honestly to boys in their own language without ever talking down to them. The content is inclusive of the wide spectrum of ways teen boys define and experience themselves, and the illustrations are engaging, clear, and useful.  I highly recommend this book and am delighted to add it to my own classroom library of resources on healthy sexuality.”  –Al Vernacchio, MSEd, Author, For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Sexuality, Values, and Health


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Dating and Hooking Up

Chapter 2 Asking Someone Out

Chapter 3 Making Love Last: How to Have a Long-Term Relationship

Chapter 4 Dating and Being Sexual: Private Relationships and Public Knowledge

Chapter 5 Consent: Giving It and Receiving It

Chapter 6 Solo Sex: Being Sexual with Yourself

Chapter 7 Partnered Sex: Being Sexual with Someone Else

Chapter 8 Being Sexual and Being Safe: Protecting Yourself and Your Partner

Chapter 9 Realities and Stereotypes: Gender Roles and Sexual Orientation

Chapter 10 Looking Good: Body and Appearance

Chapter 11 Puberty: Physical and Personal



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