Andrew P. Smiler, PhD

Therapist. Evaluator.  Author.  Speaker.

I have a PhD in Developmental Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. Between these two programs, my therapeutic experience, and my research, I developed expertise in the following areas:

–          Gender, especially masculinity

–          Sexuality and sexual development

–          Identity

–          Family therapy

–          Adolescence and Young (or “emerging”) adulthood

–          Men’s issues

As a developmental psychologist I learned about changes that occur throughout the lifespan, from infancy through old age. My focus and much of my writing has been on adolescence and early adulthood, ages 12-25. In my developmental training, I became an expert on sexuality and gender, as well as masculinity. I also focus on issues related to identity. My clinical training and experience have given me expertise in families.

My training and experience have given me a variety of skills, and I like to use them all. These are the services I provide:

Therapy: I have a psychotherapy practice in Winston-Salem, NC. My practice is primarily devoted to family therapy, and I also do one-on-one work with boys and men. (more)

Evaluation: I conduct formal, structured, customized evaluations for a variety of clients and purposes. For human service organizations and educational institutions, I conduct program evaluations designed to determine which programmatic goals are being achieved and where further refinement is needed. For small- to moderate-sized businesses, I perform custom surveying as well as database analysis to help owners and managers better understand their clients and plan for the future. For school-aged children and college students, I conduct evaluations to determine eligibility for giftedness programs and, to a lesser extent, learning disabilities.  I also provide research consultation for faculty members and academic units who want to apply social science research techniques in their own work. For academic institutions who want to demonstrate learning beyond grade reports, I offer the  Educational Learning Objectives assessment and for academic institutions that want an overview of sexuality issues on campus, I offer the Campus Sexual Culture Assessment. (more)

Author: My book, “Challenging Casanova: Beyond the stereotype of the promiscuous young male,” was published in 2012 and I am co-author, with Chris Kilmartin of “The Masculine Self” (5th edition), the leading Psychology of Men textbook. In 2013, I became a regular contributor at the Good Men Project (more). I have co-authored over twenty articles and chapters (most peer-reviewed and some invited) in journals regarding adolescence, sexuality, and masculinity (more).

Speaker: I speak and train on topics related to sexuality, masculinity, adolescence, and strategies for managing behavior in K-12 settings. Talk can be given to general audiences, parents, educators, mental health professionals, and social services professionals. (more)

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Andrew Smiler is the author of “Challenging Casanova: Beyond the stereotype of the promiscuous young male” and co-author of “The Masculine Self (5th edition)” with Chris Kilmartin. He received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Towson University in 1993 and then began working as a family therapist in suburban Philadelphia, where he also administered a “wraparound” program. Much of his therapeutic work occurred with teens and their parents. He currently maintains a therapeutic practice in Winston-Salem, NC. In 2003, Andrew Smiler returned to school and received a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of New Hampshire in 2003. His training and research highlight adolescence and early adulthood (or “emerging adulthood”), ages 12-25. Dr. Smiler’s research interests focus on normative aspects of sexual development, definitions of masculinity, and social identities such as “jock,” “player,” and “nerd.” He has taught undergraduates at Wake Forest University, the University at Oswego, the University of New Hampshire, Immaculata University, and LaSalle University.